Wooden Paint Pot Holder


Our paint pot holder is perfect for the budding artist in your life. It consists of a delightful base that lets the natural appeal of unfinished wood take centre stage. Within this base sit six little jars that each neatly and securely fit into a recess to minimise the risk of tipping or spilling. Each jar comes with a lid, so that unused paint can be kept fresh between uses, decreasing waste and reducing the time spent on packing up. 

Painting is an art form that can have several benefits for people of all ages. It promotes creativity and self-expression, can decrease stress or anxiety, and boosts emotional well-being. It can also help foster social interaction through shared artistic experiences, by communicating with others about the creative process, or by learning about other people and cultures through exploring their own approach to art.

The Wooden Paint Pot Holder particularly helps for collaborative or parallel art experiences in a home or classroom setting. The neat and orderly organisation of the paint pots in the stand helps to facilitate effective turn-taking or shared use of the material, without the frustration or conflict that can arise in situations where one child moves a loose paint pot out of reach or where brushes get mixed up into a communal pot. The tidy layout of the Pot Holder means it's easy for two or more children to sit at a table and each effectively view, reach and use their tools.  

Our Wooden Paint Pot Holder matches perfectly with our Aussie Animals Craft Droppers for a range of artistic experiences or scientific experiments!

While intended for artistic purposes, the Wooden Pot Holders are also great for a range of different experiences. They can act as a stunning set of vases for flowers picked from the garden, or could sit in the kitchen to keep herbs fresh after they are harvested. The Pot Holders can also be used within science experiments, such as colour mixing or observing how a flower's petal can change colour as it draws up water from its stem. There are so many different ways this versatile material can be used. 

The jars are made from glass, which is consistent with the Montessori principle of providing children with real and natural materials that have an in built 'control of error'. As they are glass, rather than plastic, there is a natural motivation to handle them with care because they could break if dropped. This encourages children to exercise their self-regulation and show respect for the materials that they are using. The use of real glass also enhances the aesthetic beauty of the material. 

Any time that a child is using glass, it is vital that appropriate adult supervision is in place. 

The Pot Holder measures approximately 45cm in length by 10cm width x 10cm height.

Recommended age: 2+

 Please note that this item attracts our heavy goods shipping rate.