Nuts Sequencing Board


The Montessori inspired Nut Sequencing board introduces a real-world skill and encourages fine motor control, concentration and sequencing skills. 

The board typically consists of a wooden base with slots, and a set of wingnuts. The Sequencing Board comes with a set of cards that demonstrate different patterns that can be made with the wingnuts. Children can recreate these, or invent new patterns of their own.

The Nuts Sequencing Board offers multiple levels of difficulty so that one child can use it in many ways over time, or it can be presented in a classroom setting where there are many children at different stage of development. The 'beginner' level of the material is simply the fine motor exercise of placing a wingnut onto the bolt and learning to spin it clockwise to tighten it, and anti-clockwise to remove it. The intermediate level is to arrange the wingnuts in different formations or patterns. The more challenging use is to introduce the cards that suggest specific patterns, with the child then recreating these. The cards themselves also offer varying degrees of challenge, so you can start by selecting the simplest patterns for your little learner to attempt before progressing to the more complex arrangements. 

The Sequencing Board can also be used for counting exercises, putting different quantities of nuts on each bolt. 

The base measures approximately 21cm x 6cm. The height of the base is 2cm, and each bolt is approximately 9cm tall. 

The manufacturer recommends this resource for ages 3+