Buggy 3 Way Super Viewer


The perfect tool to explore the miniature world of molluscs, insects and creepy-crawlies! 

The Buggy 3 Way Super Viewer is essentially a microscope, magnifying glass and habitat in one. It is a sturdy and attractive vessel for inspiring children to explore the miniature world! It is the perfect tool for your budding entomologist. 

The cylindrical habitat area is large enough to house a few creatures along with some foliage to keep things comfortable! The walls of this area are all perspex so that the specimens can be easily viewed and observed.

The top of the habitat features a moveable 20x microscope. The microscope rotates and also slides up and down, ensuring that it can be positioned to see all parts of the habitat clearly.

The base of the habitat includes a set of four 20 millimetre rulers. These are carefully positioned to ensure that the specimen can be measured easily from a range of positions. 

Below the habitat area is a 'periscope' style viewing area. An angled unbreakable mirror allows the child to view the underside of the specimens. This can be viewed directly or through an additional magnifying lens.

In my experience I have often found that other 'bug viewers' have pieces that come apart too easily - leading to bits (or bugs!) inevitably getting lost as they fall apart! The Buggy Super Viewer is much more secure - although the pieces do disconnect they click firmly into place and require intentional coaxing to pull them apart. This keeps the specimens safe but also ensures that the pieces of the viewer itself remain together when in use or in storage. 

The Buggy Viewer also comes with a pair of tweezers. These are intended for gently and safely collecting the insect specimens from the garden. Please only offer these as a tool if the child is proficient enough with tweezers to use these without harming the insect! A younger or less experienced child might accidentally squeeze too firmly with the tweezers, thereby causing harm to the insect. Therefore if a younger child is collecting the creatures then it can be preferable to use a different implement to gently coax or guide the insect into the viewer.


Please note: A plastic insect or arachnid is included as an example. The exact type may vary!