Mini Binoculars


A set of fully functional binoculars perfect for any little explorer!

In the traditional black design associated with class adult binoculars, this cute miniature replica helps your little one to focus on what's far away. They offer a magnification of 4 x 30. 

The Mini Binoculars measure 8cm in length and 10cm in width.

The span between the eye pads is adjustable to adapt to a range of sizes/ages. The closest setting leaves around 6cm between the centre of each lens. The broadest setting leaves around 7.5cm between the centre of each lens.

A very young child could keep the binoculars closed to fit their face - and at the very grown-up age of 28, I can comfortably use the binoculars at about halfway between the two settings, with a gap of around 6cm between each lens. So they are functional for child and adult alike!

The Mini Binoculars come with their own cute little carry case. The black case has a loop on the back so that a little adventurer can thread it onto their belt.

The carry case also contains a polishing cloth for the Mini Binoculars, providing a great little Practical Life exercise!

The manufacturer recommends the binoculars for ages 3+


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