Terra Kids Insect Hotel


Such an incredibly unique way to get children crafting, constructing and caring for nature! By building the Insect Hotel children can invite little visitors to their garden and observe the wonders of the natural world at work. 

The kit contains 26 pieces that can be fixed together to create the frame and little compartments. To construct the Insect Hotel the children follow numbered instructions which rely on clear illustrations rather than written instructions - making it easier for pre-readers to contribute and comprehend. 

When constructed the Insect Hotel measures approximately 23.5cm in diameter and 12.5cm depth.

The box it arrives in measures approximately 43cm x 30cm x 7cm.

It is recommended for ages 5+

What I love most about this resource is how multifaceted it is. It incorporates many different aspects of the 'S.T.E.A.M' subjects - science, technology, engineering, art and maths.

It comes as a 'flat pack' set of pieces which children must construct so the children engage in engineering to put it all together.

Children can then connect with nature to collect the additional resources to fill the compartments to make it appealing and comfortable for the little visitors it will attract.


Children can then engage in scientific observation of the insects, perhaps even documenting the species that visit and researching more about them. Once the Insect Hotel is constructed children may choose to decorate it, incorporating some artistic aspects to the overall experience. 

The construction is complex enough to require close concentration and to inspire collaboration, but it is also straightforward enough for children to achieve successfully independently or with minimal assistance from an adult.

The Insect Hotel also helps to promote sustainable attitudes and an appreciation for the environment. It can inspire observations of the insect world to help children understand more about entomology, and this can easily be supported by further learning about these mini creatures. It's particularly important to consider that the Insect Hotel helps children to build an appreciation, perhaps even an affection, for insects. This is vital because although they may not be 'cute' they are extremely valuable from an ecological perspective, with many insects contributing enormously to our healthy ecosystem. The process of constructing and observing the Insect House provides a starting point for children to talk, think and learn about why insects are important, how they contribute to our world, and how we can protect them. 

The Insect House is from the world-renowned brand HABA which is known for its innovative resources that encourage children to learn through hands-on play. It is made in Germany using sustainable PEFC certified wood.

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