Water Garden Fish Tank


An incredible representation of the natural rhythms and interdependency of the natural world - right there in your home or classroom room! A great way to help children understand the power and beauty of a reciprocal, functioning ecosystem. The Water Garden is also a wonderful gateway to the world of pet ownership as the 'self-cleaning' nature of the tank makes it a less burdensome choice for a young child. 

This Water Garden and Fish Tank provides an example of the art of Aquaponics. This sustainable method of farming was originally invented by the Aztec people but remains just as efficient and eco-friendly today. The fish and the plants engage in a symbiotic relationship, supporting each other's development. 

The Fish Tank is self-cleaning. The fish excrement is pumped up to the grow tray and the roots of the plants break down the harmful ammonia and absorb the nitrates, effectively acting as a 'biofilter'. The water, now fresh and clean, is then returned to the tank so that the cycle can begin again. 

The Water Garden comes with everything you need to get started (except the fish - as we can't pop that in a box!). The kit includes;

  • 11 Litre fish tank
  • Garden tray with 5 pots 
  • 240v water pump
  • Organic seeds (wheatgrass and snow peas included)
  • Natural bacteria culture
  • Decorative rocks for the tank and grow rocks for the plant pots.


The Water Garden is compact enough to fit in many different locations around the home or classroom (or even in the office) so that the benefits of nature can be enjoyed indoors. 

Wheatgrass and snow peas seeds are provided with every Water Garden to start your organic edible farming. Other plants can be grown, including parsley, mint, rocket, basil, coriander and other leafy greens. 


Please note: Due to the size & weight of this item it incurs our 'Heavy Goods' shipping and handling cost of $28.

Selecting a fish for your Water Garden...

The Water Garden is perfect for a "betta" fish (otherwise known as a Siamese fighting fish) as they are not sensitive to the fluctuations of levels of ammonia and nitrate that occur as part of the aquaponics cycle. Betta fish must be kept in isolation (one per tank) as they will engage in aggressive fighting behaviour if housed together. If you wish to keep multiple fish then guppies are a good alternative. Goldfish tend to be too large for this particular tank.

A Refill Pack is available if you run out of the preparatory chemicals and/or fish food. 

From my own personal experience...

We use the Water Garden in my Montessori Pre-school classroom. I was genuinely amazed by how quickly the plants grew using the aquaponics system (I had very little awareness of this method prior to using the Water Garden but I can see its power and value with my own eyes). The following photos show the growth over the first three weeks of its presence in our classroom.

Individual results may vary.

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