Alphabet Stamp Set

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A quaint stamp set that evokes feelings of yesteryear while remaining useful and engaging for the modern child!

Each letter of the alphabet is an individual rubber stamp with a wooden handle showing its image. The set includes both lowercase and uppercase letters. These can be used for matching exercises, such as stamping the 'A' next to the 'a', while also allowing the child to write words or sentences correctly with capitals!

The set also comes complete with a coloured ink pad.

For pre-school age children this Alphabet Stamp Set perfectly harmonises with the Montessori approach to the acquisition of literacy skills. The Montessori view is that children develop the visual and cognitive skills to recognise and articulate phonetic letters before he or she develops the physical skills to 'write' those letters. In a Montessori classroom this developmental chasm is bridged by the use of the Moveable Alphabet. This material consists of individual wooden letters that can be placed in order to 'build' phonetic words. That same process can be followed with the Alphabet Stamp Set. A child who recognises letters, but can not yet hand write them, can still build words by placing the stamps in a row. An adult could prompt this work by providing objects with phonetic names (cat, dog, peg and so on) or by offering illustrations of these phonetic nouns.

For older children the Stamp Set provides a beautiful opportunity for some quaint creativity. They can be used to decorate cards, scrapbooks or other artistic projects.