Child's Paint Brush


An extremely high-quality Paint Brush for young children to use to paint and create!

The 8cm long Paint Brush features a handle made from sustainable sources of beechwood. 

*Please note: this listing, and price, is for ONE paint brush only but the gallery image shows THREE paint brushes together for illustrative purposes only.

There are many different paint brushes available for children, so what makes this one so special? For me the answer is two-fold; the bristles and the handle. One special feature is the quality of the bristles of the brush. Redecker brushes are a world leader in brush ware (read more at the bottom of the page) so these long bristles feel lovely to the touch and create beautiful brush strokes on paper. 

The other particularly special feature of this brush is the unique design of the 'handle'. Instead of a traditional long cylindrical handle this Child's Paint Brush features a short, rounded button-top to grip. In my opinion as an educator this is ideal for supporting the early stages of developing 'pencil grasp'. The diagram below shows the various progressions of pencil grip, from infancy through to school age (approximately - each child is different!). All of these grips can occur with a traditional paintbrush but I find that this Child's Paint Brush is much more comfortable for a child who is in the early grasping stages (particularly A to E as shown in the diagram). The rounded brush handle not only feels comfortable in those early grips but also helps to accommodation for the progression towards the more refined grip. The smaller indentation in the handle (just above the bristles) perfectly invites the fingertips to curl around it - moving the grasp towards the finger formation seen in stages G onwards. 

This Paint Brush is ideal for use by infants and toddlers - so we recommend that it can be used in conjunction with our range of natural, baby-friendly Veggie Paints!

The Child's Paint Brush is part of the 'Redecker' range. Redecker is an internationally renowned line of brush ware. Each Redecker brush is carefully handcrafted in Germany. Redecker has been making brushes for more than 75 years and they are sought-after all over the world as 'the best of the best'. They make brush ware for adults too but we particularly appreciate the fact their range of brushes for children show the same impeccable level of quality and craftsmanship. Redecker treat their children's range as a miniature version of the adult tool, deserving of just as much aesthetic beauty and effective functionality. We value this very 'Montessori' perspective and we are immensely proud to stock this range.