Coloured Bowls & Acorns




An incredibly quaint and cute activity that holds significant hidden value! The Coloured Bowls and Acorns inspire a child to develop and refine their motor control as the wooden tongs to grip, manoeuvre and sort the little wooden 'acorns' into their corresponding coloured bowl. It takes commitment, concentration and perseverance to keep the 'acorn' snug and safe within the tongs as it travels to its home. 

The set includes five small coloured bowls in red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. 

There are five acorns of each colour included so there is ample opportunity for children to engage in repetition and self-correction. 

The presence of several acorns of each colour also offer the opportunity for collaboration, as two (or more) children can take turns sorting them. 

The bowls offer longevity and value for money as they can potentially be repurposed for other uses when a child has moved on from the sorting experience. They could be containers for small keepsakes, or could be used again for colour sorting but this time with smaller objects (such as pom poms) and more precise tools (such as tweezers) that require more refined dexterity to manipulate. 


The manufacturer recommended this product for ages 3+


The Coloured Bowls & Acorns are from the stunning GRAPAT range. All GRAPAT materials are specially designed to inspire open-ended, creative and self-directed play (how perfectly harmonious with our Montessori principles!) GRAPAT materials are lovingly hand-crafted through traditional, old-fashioned methods. They are crafted with thick but soft raw materials, ensuring quality and longevity, and are coloured with natural dyes, coloured waxes or oils, all of which allow the natural grain and warmth of the wood to remain visible. The care, craftsmanship and creativity that goes into every GRAPAT treasure makes these materials truly unique and deeply appealing.