Small Beech Wood Tray


A small presentation tray perfect for creating interesting and enticing activities for the littlest learners.

The Beech Wood Tray measures approximately 17cm x 10cm. It's edges are slightly raised and rounded, helping to keep materials balanced and creating a beautiful aesthetic appeal. 

The Tray is quite tiny but this makes it ideal for a range of practical uses...

Firstly, the miniature size of the tray can be perfect for the tiny hands of toddlers. Using the small tray also helps to limit the size and quantity of the materials presented on it, again making it perfect for very young children who are at a 'beginner-level' with particular activities. 

The small size of the Beech Wood Tray is also ideal for situations where the physical space is limited. If you are working within limited shelf space then the use of small trays, like this one, can help to make the most of the available area. 

The mini dimensions of the Beech Wood Tray also provide a 'point of interest' for the child. The undeniably 'cute' aesthetic draws the child's eye and interest towards the materials presented on it. 

The Beech Wood Tray's small size also allows it to act as a multi-purpose tool; it can be the base tray, holding materials for a presentation, or it can be used as one piece in a larger activity. For instance, multiple Beech Wood Trays could act as the vessels in a sorting exercise with each tray hosting a specific group of objects (sorted by colour, shape or other characteristics). 

To gain a better understanding of the dimensions and uses of our Beech Wood Tray please take a look at some of our activity ideas below...

The Beech Wood tray set up for a 'pouring' exercise with two Metal Creamer Jugs. This exercise could be presented at various degrees of difficulty. The first stage could involve pouring coarse, dry ingredients (such as rice). The next stage could involve pouring fine, dry ingredients (such as polenta or flour). The final stage could involve pouring liquids.

A transferring exercise featuring our 10ml syringe and two of our Mini Ceramic Vases. The child exercises motor coordination and refines the 'pincer grip' of the fingers as he or she manipulates the syringe plunger to transfer water from one vase to the next.

The Beech Wood Tray holds a selection of crystals from our Nature's Treasures range. This open-ended presentation of these treasures helps to entice the child's interest towards exploring the sensory and scientific value of these natural resources.