The Homework Myth - Alfie Kohn

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Alfie Kohn, best-selling author and renowned public speaker, encourages us to rethink our unsubstantiated assumptions about homework in order to "rescue our families and our children's love of learning."

A powerful book for parents and educators that is not only thought-provoking but change-provoking. 

Parents will feel empowered to not only end the nightly struggles to get children to do their homework but to actively advocate for their right to avoid this harmful busy work. 

Educators may find themselves liberated from the pressure of assuming that homework 'must' be helpful (even though it's obviously painful!) and can, in turn, liberate the students in their care from this pointless endeavour.

Principals and school administrators may see the opportunity to promote a more meaningful and beneficial culture for the children in their school community. 

The Homework Myth uses research, logic and evidence to deconstruct the fallacy that homework 'must' have some benefit for children. It also provides a powerful picture of the positive changes that can occur when we rethink our approach to homework. 

Alfie explains the research on homework (for instance, that evidence shows absolutely no academic benefit for younger children) to provide an objective confirmation of Dr Maria Montessori's emphasis on allowing children to engage in meaningful, self-motivated activity rather than participating in adult-mandated "busy work". 

Montessori educators and parents will feel validated by the findings of this insightful and persuasive book. 

Families and teachers who are supporters of homework in theory might feel somewhat challenged by Alfie's wisdom at first. It can be confronting to truly reflect on your actions in order to inspire positive change but it is absolutely worth it when it will protect your children, guide their self-regulation in a much more effective manner and help to improve the relationships you share!