You and Me, Murrawee


An inclusive and culturally sensitive story that considers a shared journey between a young girl and the traditional owners of the land she inhabits. You and Me, Murrawee is a beautiful way of reinforcing the importance of respecting Aboriginal culture.

As a little girl explores the outback she imagines a guide, Murrawee, who walks beside her on her journey. She reflects that the "walk this same brown earth", "move the same dust and grass in our stride" and "sleep under the same stars". This promotes a message of harmony and partnership between time, place and people.

The illustrations are vivid, detailed and realistic while the words are lyrical and flowing. We follow Murrawee and his friend through their day as they explore, swim, fish, cook and listen for the stories and songs.

This book would provide the perfect starting point for a child to begin developing a meaningful awareness of, and appreciation for, Aboriginal culture or could simply make up one more part of an already rich cultural library.