Child's Dishwashing Brush


An extremely high-quality Dishwashing Brush for children to use in the kitchen - at home or in the classroom!

This is the brush that we use in my own Montessori classroom (and in my home for my niece to use!). In my opinion there is simply no better option. I have never come across another brush that even comes close to the beauty and quality of this one. As soon as you see this brush you will be unable to return to the world of plastic dish brushes for your Montessori child!

The Child's Dishwashing Brush's handle is quality beechwood, and the brush measures approximately 15.5cm in length from the tip of the handle to the end of the brush base. At the end of the handle is a small metal ring so that the brush can be hung for storage or drip-drying. The bristles are firm enough to scrub dishes effectively but soft enough to avoid scouring. 

This Dishwashing Brush is intended for children (a miniature version of the adult tool) but it can be used by the whole family or classroom community. It is fully functional and completely effective, so there is no need to view it as 'just' for children - it can be used equally by all ages. 

The Dishwashing Brush is part of the 'Gluckskafer' range. Gluckskafer is an internationally renowned line of brush ware, crafted in Germany. Their range of brushes for children show an impeccable level of quality and craftsmanship. They treat their children's range as a miniature version of adult tools, not toys, and see them as deserving of just as much aesthetic beauty and effective functionality. We value this very 'Montessori' perspective and we are immensely proud to stock this range.