Grimm's Stacking House


The delightful Grimm's Stacking House comes with five wooden pieces in red, orange, yellow, green and blue. A child can explore these contrasting colours or learn their names if an adult (or older peer) joins the fun.

A child's imagination can inspire them to arrange the arched pieces into an endless array of configurations, from stacking up from largest to smallest into a tall tower, to being turned upside down to create a rocking rainbow boat. 

This colourful little house is an ideal symbol of being 'home' and belonging, so it would make a perfect gift for a housewarming, or a family welcoming a new baby into their home.

The Stacking House measures approximately 13cm x 6cm x 13cm. It is the perfect size for little hands, recommended for ages 2+ and infinitely appealing to toddlers who love to sort, stack and explore with their senses! 

It is made from sustainable lime wood and coloured with a non-toxic water-based stain. 

The Stacking House is from Grimms Spiel und Holz design. Grimms is a world-renowned brand specializing in high-quality, engaging and whimsical children's resources. All of the Grimms products certainly encapsulate the famous Germans sense of craftsmanship and precision. Grimms has a strong respect for the beauty and power of wood (as did Maria Montessori) and they particularly acknowledge the way that wood interacts with the child's senses. As such, Grimms choose to only varnish the wood with subtle colours and oil so that the grain of the wood remains somewhat visible and it retains its rustic appeal.