House Shape Sorter


A delightful activity for bubs to lerarn, grow and explore through their senses! The House Shape Sorter encourages problem-solving and cognitive development. 

When you watch a babies or toddler exploring a sorting set, it's usually only a matter of moments before the pieces find their way into the child's mouth. The House Shape Sorter recognises that this is not only a natural instinct, but a powerful tool for learning! 'Mouthing' is a healthy and helpful form of discovery that capitalises on the sensitivity of the lips and tongue. It's also a great sign of cognitive and physical development as children carefully coordinate the object's journey from hand to mouth! To ensure that your little learner can mouth these puzzle pieces without any worry for you, the pieces are made from BPA-Free, food-grade silicone. They are durable enough to double as a teether, and can quickly and easily be washed for the next round of play (or for another child's use in the classroom). 

The House Shape Sorter features five distinct shapes and symbols - square, triangle, circle, star and a love heart. Early explorations help your child to begin identifying these common shapes and visually discriminating between them. As they play, you might like to introduce the names of these shapes, role modelling the language they need to describe their observations.

Each shape is a different colour so that there is also an opportunity for your little one to absorb impressions of soft hues of yellow, green, pink, cream and purple. 

The pieces fit into corresponding holes on the House Shape Sorter - the yellow square/cube piece fits snugly into the square hole on one side. The different placements of the holes encourages the child to move their eyes and body as they search for the right space. As they attempt to post each shape, they are learning logic through trial and error, building visual discrimination skills, and enhancing their motor coordination. 

On one side of the House is a large opening where the child can easily retrieve all of the pieces to keep repeating the game. Repetition is a vital and valuable part of learning, as it consolidates understanding and also encourages concentration. 

The large opening can also be used to collect the pieces if a very young child is having a tricky time matching the shapes to their holes, but still wishes to enjoy 'posting' the objects. This ensures that every child, no matter their age or ability level, has the opportunity to be scaffolded for a sense of success and satisfaction! 

The pieces are approximately 5 x 5cm (depending on the shape!) The chunky but soft pieces are the perfect size to refine the hand grasp and encourage motor coordination!

Suitable from ages 6 months +