Mad Mattr Create & Build Fun Pack


If your child loves Kinetic Sand or Shape-It Sand, then Mad Mattr is the next sensory experience that will tantalise their tactile sense and encourage creativity!

Learn more about Mad Mattr itself below, but first let's explore what is included in the Mad Mattr Create & Build Fun Pack.

This set comes with:

  • Two 'Extruders' to create 3-dimensional shaped bricks
  • Pouch of Mad Mattr (choose from purple or blue in the drop-down menu!)

The Mad Mattr can be placed into the Extruder and pushed out of the Extruder as a long, solid 'brick' for stacking and building, or these can be carved into shorter pieces for making patterns, decorations and so on. 

The Pack includes a Rectangular Prism Extruder and a Hexagonal Prism Extruder. The presence of these shapes makes the Mini Extruder Set the perfect exploration for children who are learning about 3-dimensional solids. What a wonderful way to reinforce recognition of these shapes!


The act of depressing the plunger to push out the shape is a fantastic fine motor exercise for children, as it requires quite a high degree of strength, control and dexterity!

About Mad Mattr

Mad Mattr has a unique texture and quality to it. Is is a super-soft modelling compound that can be shaped easily and holds that form until it is actively dismantled. It isn't quite a sand, it's not just a dough, it's not clay - it is somehow reminiscent of all of these elements and yet has its own entirely special feel and functionality. 

Mad Mattr can be pressed, pushed, moulded, kneaded, shaped, sculpted and built into such a broad array of ways that the only limit is your imagination. 

It can be used for artistic purposes, such as creating patters, forming shapes or building specific structures, but it can also be a simple sensory experience as you pull and press and watch it organically flow. This means that it has appeal to a broad range of ages, because younger children can simply enjoy the tactile sensation while older ones can create much more elaborate designs. Handling the Mad Mattr can provide a calming, soothing experience which is pleasant for any individual but particularly helpful for any children (or grown ups!) feeling tense who need a bit of relaxation! Working the dough-like Mad Mattr, especially when using the specially provided tools, is also an excellent fine motor and pre-writing exercise as it strengthens the fingers, hands and wrists. 

The Mad Mattr is easy to clean as it sticks to itself, so it can be collected conveniently (which is a great Practical Life exercise for children who have finished playing with the Mattr). 

Mad Mattr also never dries out. Even if it is left out for long periods it remains fresh and malleable. This gives it a long (but low-maintenance!) life-span and ensures that it can be used countless times to providing endless, fun-filled hours of open-ended play. 

Mad Mattr's unique, non-toxic formula is gluten, casein and wheat-free.

The manufacturer recommends it for Ages 3-103. 


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