Natural Wood Stacking Discs


A gorgeous and unique resource that celebrates the unbridled beauty of natural wood. Perfect for nature-loving families or classrooms.

Ten wooden discs just call out to be touched and when each smooth, circular piece is placed in order a tower emerges.

Please note that the discs are not perfectly uniform or symmetrical - they are "perfectly imperfect" because nature is full of beautiful variation! We do advise that exact sizes, shapes, colours and grains will vary.

The Stacking Discs are in keeping with the Montessori principle of subtly introducing the 'base ten' number system within sensorial materials. Just as the Pink Tower consists of 10 cubes, so too are there ten discs in the stacking set.

The largest disc measures approximately 24cm in diameter while the smallest is approximately 5.5cm. 

When constructed in a pyramid formation the tower measures approximately 14cm tall. 


The discs are not limited just to stacking. They can be arranged in various formations to create unique constructions. The discs can also be paired with other sets of building blocks to act as roofs, bridges or other elements of the creation. 

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