Carpet Beater




Classics are classic for a reason - whether it is a song that transcends generations, a style that never goes out of fashion or, in this case, a tool that technology just can't improve upon!

So it's time to go a little retro with this charming wicker Carpet Beater that is reminiscent of yesteryear and yet still just as effective and useful today. 

The first time I saw a carpet beater was at my Nanna's house and I thought it was some kind of overgrown magic wand (possibly for blowing bubbles!) In a way carpet beaters do perform a kind of magic, breathing fresh life into rugs that are looking old, worn and faded. It can be impressive to watch the transformation as you strike the rug with the beater and watch the clouds of dust that are released from its fibres. 

If you have rugs in your home or classroom then they offer a wonderful Practical Life experience for a child. The task of beating the carpet requires large upper body movements and a combination of strength and coordination to create effective strikes. I find it's a particularly enjoyable activity for children who are full of physical energy and are looking for a productive outlet for all of that enthusiasm. 

The Carpet Beater is by Redecker, the renowned German brand of brushware and other unique household tools. It measures approximately 70cm in length from the base of the handle to the tip of the head. The handle itself is 43cm long and has a diameter of around 3cm. The head of the beater is around 26cm x 24cm. 


Please note: Due to its dimensions this tool attracts our Bulky Goods Shipping fee of $28. Please note that this is a flat fee and you can therefore add as much to your order as you like without the total shipping cost increasing.