Little Explorer Playset

Knox & Floyd


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The perfect gift for the little explorer in your life! Ideal for budding botanists or emerging entomologists.

A gorgeous retro suitcase is patterned with illustrated insects. Open the clasp and lift the lid to discover the treasures within; a torch, binoculars, magnifying glass and bug-catcher (with magnified viewing lens). 

*Please note: As shown in the picture a 'compass' is included in the set but this is, unfortunately, not functional. If you would like to supplement the kit by adding a working compass then please click this link!

Each tool is perfectly suited to a young child; just the right size for little hands and little eyes. The binoculars are also adjustable, so they can grow with your little one or be shared between siblings or classmates. 

I also love the little extra touches in this set. The binoculars come in a little pouch - complete with a loop on the back so that your child can thread a belt through and wear the pouch on the hip. The binoculars also include a little polishing cloth, so the budding Explorer can also learn to take proper care of his or her tools!

The cute (and completely gender-neutral!) suitcase keeps all the pieces safely together. With the full set inside there is still enough room for a few additional treasures; some beautiful rocks collected from outside or a couple of leaf samples. Alternatively the suitcase could be separated from the tools for a variety of other decorative, travel or storage purposes. 

Just sitting here looking at the Explorer Set fills me with the desire to step outside and start searching! If you are looking to support the interests of an eager explorer, or trying to inspire a child to take that beautiful step into the great outdoors, then this set is ideally irresistible!