Mist Sprayer



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These cute and rustic Mist Sprayers are a unique and inviting Practical Life tool.

The vessel holds 300mls of liquid which is dispensed as a 'mist' by pushing down the plunger. 

The small size and limited volume - along with the fact that the water is dispensed as a mist rather than a pouring liquid - makes the Mist Sprayer ideal for watering indoor plants. It helps to successfully care for indoor greenery without the risk of floods!

The attractiveness of the cute little mister is also a great, natural way to encourage children to care for these indoor plants. In my own Pre-school classroom we used to find that sometimes the indoor plants could become a little neglected (perhaps because the classroom is filled with so many other enticing activities!) After the introduction of the Mist Sprayer we find that the children are much more eager and proactive about watering! 

The handle and plunger can be successfully manipulated from a variety of grasps and finger positions. This provides an opportunity for success for children of varying age ranges and levels of physical development. It also allows for repetition and refinement, as a child works from an early grasp (such as placing the Mister flat on the table while depressing the plunger with an open palm) through to a more expert handling (of looping the thumb through the little ring handle and pressing the plunger with the index finger). 

A four year old experimenting to find the grasp and position that feels most comfortable and effective for him.


The Brass Sprayer also provides a natural provocation for the Practical Life work of brass polishing. In my own Montessori environment we use a natural, homemade brass polish of lemon juice and bicarb soda. We mix the paste and then use cotton buds to rub and polish the brass. 

To protect the longevity and appearance of the sprayer we recommend encouraging the children to empty and dry the sprayer completely after each use (rather than leaving it to sit with water in/on it).