Alphabet Puzzle


A beautiful, high quality Alphabet Puzzle reminiscent of the 'Montessori Moveable Alphabet'.

The Alphabet Puzzle measures 39cm x 39cm. Each letter is quite large, with the 'a' measuring around 5.5cm x 5.5cm. 

These letters are quite solid, measuring approximately 1cm in height. When the piece is placed in its home on the puzzle board it still sits out by about .5cm. The pieces deliberately do not feature knobs or handles. Instead the child is encouraged to hold each piece on its edges to experience its shape.

This resource takes the principles of the Moveable Alphabet and integrates them into a puzzle that introduces the idea of 'alphabetical order'.

Like the Moveable Alphabet the Puzzle features two contrasting colours - one for vowels and one for consonants. There's no distraction or sensory overload with many random colours, just the red and blue against the beautiful natural wood.

The Puzzle also mirrors the Moveable Alphabet by providing the opportunity for children to develop a physical recognition of the letter symbols as they are solid, 3-dimensional shapes. The child can feel the lines, curves and corners of each letter to help build a 'muscular memory' that reinforces letter recognition.