Cylinder Post Box


Reminiscent of the 'Imbucare Boxes' from the Montessori Infant and Toddler curriculum, this stunning wooden post box encourages little ones to develop their hand-eye coordination in a fun and engaging way!

Thirteen holes sit at the top of the box, with three different diameters. In the tray below await thirteen corresponding cylinders, with those same three thicknesses. The child works to match the cylinders to the holes, using visual discrimination as well as trial and error to problem solve this matching puzzle. When they are ready, they pull out the drawer to watch them all clatter to the bottom once again! This feature is not only a lot of fun but also a great example of cause and effect as well as the physics of gravity!

The presence of three different diameters offers the opportunity for an adult to introduce the language of "thickest, thinnest, thicker and thinner" or "widest" and "narrowest" and so on.

Having multiple cylinders also means an incidental benefit of encouraging counting. A child might do this spontaneously, or an adult might help to role model counting one cylinder at a time while placing them in the holes.

The Post Box is sturdy and well-made, allowing it to have a long lifetime on a classroom shelf or in a child's home. 

The Cylinder Post Box measures approximately 30cm in length with a width and height of around 17cm. 

Like all QToys wooden products, the Post Box is made from plantation or recycled timbers.