Children's Lawn Rake

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A beautiful, high-quality and real tool for your  budding gardener!

This attractive and functional Lawn Rake is an ideal addition to your child's inventory of gardening tools. It allows a child to take responsibility for garden maintenance in a way that promotes gross motor coordination, strength and fitness.

The rake measures approximately 75cm in width and the head of the rake is approximately 30cm wide.

It can be used for raking leaves of the lawn. It can also be used for spreading bark chips (this is particularly important if you're using bark chips as 'soft fall' in a childcare centre as they need to remain a consistent depth in all areas rather than leaving bare patches in some spots!) We also use our rake to turn the sand in our sandpit to loosen the particles and to ensure it is free from any hazards hiding beneath the top layer.

Please note: Due to it's length the Rake attracts our Heavy/Bulky Goods shipping fee of $28. This is a flat fee so you can add other items to your order and your shipping cost will remain $28.