Hydrochromatic Umbrella

Heebie Jeebies


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Rain, rain, don't go away! Your child will be delighted when the rain clouds gather with this awesome science-experiment of an umbrella!

The umbrella - available in two sizes - appears monochrome when it's dry. But vibrant colours reveal themselves when the raindrops start to fall. The secret behind this apparent magic is that the colours are actually present all along, but they are covered by a white ink which turns transparent when wet.

A comparison of the dry (white) appearance and the wet (coloured) appearance on the Pre-school size umbrella. 

A comparison of the dry (white) appearance and the wet (coloured) appearance on the Primary size umbrella.

The Pre-school size is perfect for children aged up to around 8 years old (exact age will vary depending on the individual child's body size!). The Pre-school umbrella is decorated with the out-of-this-world pattern of spaceships, planets and stars. The Pre-school umbrella measures 70cm in diameter when open. The handle is approximately 58cm long. 

The Primary size can be handled by older children and adults alike as it is a standard size umbrella. It is decorated with a bubbly pattern designed to resemble large drops of rain. 

On both sizes the ends of the metal 'arms' are capped with a spherical plastic tip to ensure safety. 

On a practical level - the change in colours provides an excellent 'control of error' to help a child decide when it's time to bring the umbrella back inside. Most people tend to leave a wet umbrella open and outside (or in an entrance area) until it dries. But sometimes it can be quite hard - especially with darker umbrellas - to see when it is dry enough to close it up and bring it back inside or into storage. With the Hydrochromatic Umbrella the child is easily able to observe when the umbrella is dry enough to close and bring inside because the colours will disappear again!

On a philosophical level, I genuinely believe that an umbrella is an extremely important tool for children. It concerns me that too many adults unwittingly give the impression that nature is something scary. When we start classifying weather as 'good' and 'bad' (which most of us do!) we pass these attitudes on to our children. Yet why should 'wet' weather automatically be categorised as 'bad' weather? It is the rain that sustains the health of our plants and wild animals! Surely this is a good thing? The rain also provides beautiful sensory experiences - the sight of dew drops glistening on a leaf, the smell of 'rain in the air' and the satisfying feeling of splashing in puddles! An umbrella acts as a tool to encourage a child to continue exploring and interacting with nature even when the rain is falling. The Hydrochromatic Umbrella, specifically, adds an extra bit of joy and magic to the experience. This could be particularly helpful for a child who needs to rebuild that positive relationship with the wet weather.