Verti-plant wall garden

Burgon & Ball


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Grow your own vertical wall-garden!

Now available in a range of colours! Please select your preference from the drop-down menu to ensure you get your preferred hue (Black / Lavender / Green - see gallery photos). 

Engaging with nature is an immeasurably important aspect of the Montessori philosophy. The act of tending to and nurturing plants and animals provides countless benefits for the child. It is a physical, emotional and cognitive experience unrivalled by even the most well-crafted 'man-made' activities. Yet, in this modern world, many of us have the desire but not the space to introduce a young child to the world of gardening.

Now the lack of floor-space is no longer a barrier - the Verti-Plant wall garden system allows your child to create his or her very own hanging garden. This starter pack, of 2 wall hangers, will help you get started with growing your own fresh herbs, salads or flowers. Even on a balcony or in a courtyard this ingenious design will allow your child to be welcomed into the special world of cultivating and harvesting.