Sensory Squishy Tube


Captivate your child's attention, build their dexterity and empower them to self-soothe and self-regulate. The Sensory Squishy Tube is a perfect addition to the toolkit of any parent or teacher, and make a great feature in a calming corner or as part of a sensory exploration set.  

The Sensory Squishy tube captures the captivating and calming essence of Liquid Timers and Sensory Sticks, but with the added benefit of a 'hands-on' tactile experience. Combining the visual input with that physical feedback makes the Sensory Squishy tube a perfect and powerful way to support positive emotions. Sad or anxious children might find squishing the glitter around to be a safe and uplifting distraction. Children who are overstimulated can use the Squishy Tube to try to return to a mindful presence with their bodies. (Let's not forget that busy parents or teachers might find it equally soothing to spend a minute or two squishing the tube as they take a couple of deep breaths!) 

I have also found the Sensory Squishy Tubes to be particularly important to my work with children with additional needs. Children who need support with self-regulation can find it soothing to squeeze the tube rhythmically to re-centre. Those who are struggling with maintaining attention may find it helpful to use the Squishy Tube as a fidget toy, keeping their hands occupied while their mind focuses. 

The hands-on nature of this sensory tool means that it is also really helpful for building body-mind connections and providing remediation for those needing to build up their fine motor strength. As children use their fingers and thumb to squeeze the tube they're exercising those muscles, building up their grip and preparing their hands for the many other tasks - like writing - that they encounter in their learning. 

Recommended for ages 3 plus