Metal Turner


The handle measures 14cm and the flat face of the spatula is approximately 6cm long. 

The slots of this turner allow it to become a multi-purpose tool for those Montessori educators who like to devise 'Practical Life Trays'. These activity trays isolate a specific skill, or tool, and offer opportunities for practice, repetition and remediation.

The slotted turner can form the basis of an activity tray that encourages slow, controlled movements and attention to detail. An exercise can be devised where solid objects are submerged in trays or shallow dishes. The slotted turner is then used to collect the objects from the water. The turner must then be held above the tray/dish for long enough to allow the water to drip away. This vital step helps to encourage a child to engage and strengthen inhibitory control. Instead of just quickly moving the objects from one dish to the next the child must inhibit the impulse for movement long enough to let the drips drop. If the child moves too quickly then drops will fall on the tray, which helps to act as a control of error and a self-correcting mechanism. If the child demonstrates self-control and coordination then the tray will stay dry!
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