Petite Mortar & Pestle


The miniature size of this Petite Mortar & Pestle makes it perfect for very young children (toddlers and pre-schoolers) who are learning to use the tool for the first time through beginner level work (such as crushing cereal pieces or grinding lavender to enjoy the sensory experience!)


It can also be utilised by older children who are returning to particularly refined tasks (such as grinding peppercorns or salt crystals). 


The miniature mortar has a diameter of 7cm. The pestle measures approximately 12cm in length.



If your child does not already have access to a mortar and pestle it is time to get one now! Such a useful tool for developing a child's gross motor and fine motor coordination, as well as encouraging concentration and attention to detail. The mortar and pestle set can be used as an isolated activity or can be utilised in real cooking experiences to help your child feel empowered and involved!


Shown here with lavender and rosemary held in one of our Mini Glass Heart Vases.

The mortar and pestle activity can be easily adjusted for a wide range of purposes and skill-levels. A young child can begin by learning to crush small quantities of soft substances (such as 'popping' Rice Bubbles) before moving on to crushing harder items (such as turning salt crystals into powder) and then eventually grasping the motion of grinding (such as grinding mint into paste or turning wheat grain into 'flour'). Mortar & Pestle work can incorporate both practical and sensory attributes. Examples could include crushing/grinding:

  • Peppercorns
  • Salt crystals
  • Lavender
  • Rosemary / other herbs
  • Chalk (chalk dust can then be mixed with water to make paint)
  • Berries (in some cases berry juice can then be used as a natural paint)
  • Egg shells (for compost - this is to be attempted only in environments where no children with egg allergies are/will be present).