Magnetic Moveable Alphabet


The Moveable Alphabet is an engaging Montessori Literacy resource with many possibilities for activity.

This particular set includes a special added bonus; each letter has a magnetic backing! This means that in addition to the Montessori Moveable Alphabet lessons these letters can also be used in place of the plastic letters that so many families like to stick on the fridge. 

So what are some of the Moveable Alphabet exercises;

  • A child who can identify letters (as a result of 3 Period Lesons with the Tactile Letters) can use the Moveable Alphabet to locate letters as prompted by a teacher or parent. The adult asks, for example, "Please find the letter that makes a 'b' sound". *Remember to use the phonetic sounds!
  • A child who can locate the letters can then use these to start building words. First use objects with 3 letter phonetic names (such as 'dog', 'cat', 'pig' and so forth). Try to use realistic objects - either a real item, such as a 'peg', or a quality realistic model. Use one object at a time to prompt the child to identify the initial, middle and end sounds to build the word. The adult asks, for example, "What sound can you hear at the start of 'cat'?" and the child then articulates the 'c' sound before finding the 'c' letter.
  • Once a child can build 3 letter phonetic words as prompted by an object the adult can introduce Picture Boxes; boxes containing pictures of 3 letter phonetic words. This creates a level of 'abstraction' for the child who is now building the name of an illustration, not of a real object.
  • When a child can successfully build 3 letter phonetic words based on objects and pictures then he or she can move on to longer phonetic words. Repeat the previous two steps but this time with objects (then pictures) of phonetic words with more than 3 letters - such as 'frog', 'padlock' or 'camel'.

The Magnetic Moveable Alphabet should ideally be combined with the matching Moveable Alphabet Box. This allows the letters to be organised into individual compartments. The child is then set up for success with recognising and locating each letter for word-building exercises. The Magnetic Moveable Alphabet letters can be used separately if desired but we recommend the Box for an authentic Montessori experience! 


Letters cut in 3mm MDF. 6 of each consonant and 12 of each vowel in each set. Approx. letter size: (letter d) 4cm (h)


The Moveable Alphabet can be used with our model animals from our Phonetic Reading sets. 


For some extra resources on presentations with the Moveable Alphabet please feel free to visit Montessori World, Montessori Guide or Montessori Mom.