Moduloform Magnetibook - Shapes & Patterns

The Moduloform Magnetibook is a magnetic playset that can capitalise on a child's interest in shapes, colour and creativity!
The set contains 43 magnetic pieces that can be arranged in many different ways.
These are accompanied by 30 cards that suggest a range of patterns and images that can be made from these pieces. These cards act as an invitation for the child to recreate the pattern, using sequencing and spatial reasoning skills to identify the necessary pieces and place them in the corresponding formation.
The activity can also remain open-ended, with children building a range of images by mixing and matching the pieces. This encourages creativity and can be done in collaboration with a peer to introduce skills associated with cooperative work such as effective communication.
The "Magnetibook" is, indeed, quite similar to a book in that the storage tray for the pieces and the magnetic display board are 'all in one', with the board opening like the cover of a book. This helps to promote organisational skills as the child can return all the pieces to the tray before 'closing the book' and replacing the box to the shelf. The box measures approximately 19cm x 4cm x 26.5cm
The manufacturer's recommended age range for this material is 3 to 8 years. It is from the highly regarded Janod range, which is well-known for its innovative and developmentally appropriate educational toys.
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