Doddering Duck



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Watch as your child becomes mesmerised by the Doddering Duck. 

The 'Doddering Duck' consists of a beautifully crafted wooden duck (and duckling!) who take rhythmic steps down a wooden ramp (included). 

I have observed many children becoming mesmerised by the movement of the Doddering Duck as it seems to call to an innate capacity for concentration. The Doddering Duck also encourages a sense of peace and serenity as children begin to focus on the barely audible sounds of the duck's steps. 
This activity also assists with 'crossing the midline'. This is a developmental milestone that occurs when a child begins to use the eyes to 'track' an object as it passes from one side of the field of vision to the other. Very young children will turn the whole head to track and so some inspiring opportunities are required to encourage the child's eyes to cross the midline. Crossing the midline is particularly important as preparation for later reading experience - the way that our eyes 'track' to words on a page requires this fundamental skill of allowing the eyes alone to flick quickly from side to side.