Wood Slice Bowls (Set of 3)

Colours of Australia


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The bowls measure an average of 7 - 10cm in diameter. They are irregular shapes, not perfect circles, and each piece is unique so the exact dimensions will vary. 

Each wood slice has a height of around 2cm (from base to top edge) with the depth of the bowl being around 1cm. Again, please remember that each item is unique so the sizes are a guide only!

The interior of each wood slice has been carefully sanded to create a smooth surface that perfectly showcases the rings of the wood. (What a great opportunity to teach a child about identifying the age of a tree by counting these rings!) 


The Wood Slice Bowls make a perfect display set but could also be used in a wide variety of activities.

My personal favourite use is to hold other natural treasures! Nature showcasing nature!

A collection of amethyst crystals.

A collection of sorted shells.

Please note that these items are handcrafted from naturally occurring wooden branches. It is therefore inevitable that some inconsistencies will be present. Each bowl will be slightly different from the next, in terms of exact size, shape or shade. Some will have "imperfections" - knots in the wood or chips at the edges. These unique attributes are meant as part of the charm of the item but if you are looking for exact uniformity then you should consider a factory made alternative.

One of my favourite things about natural resources, such as the Wood Slice Bowls, is that they show the beauty of imperfection! In our modern world children are too often surrounded by mass-produced products that are so identical as to seem soulless. This is why I feel it is important to ensure that a child’s environment is enriched by the beauty of nature. Each treasure of nature is unique and sometimes flawed; but those flaws can expose both the beauty and the fragility of these gifts. A small imperfection teaches a child that this object was formed over time and in unique circumstances; not in the controlled and heartless conditions of a factory! A child also learns that this precious treasure needs to be handled carefully – as rough treatment might result in a tumbled gemstone chipping or an agate slice breaking.