Child's Apron


A delightful Child's Apron to help protect a child's clothing as they increase their independence and contribute to their community by participating in food preparation! 

The colour and classic aesthetic of the Apron is not only timeless but also lends itself equally to all children rather than implying that it is for one gender.

The Apron measures 52cm in length (from the top of the neckline to the bottom of the hem) and approximately 51cm in width at the broadest point that wraps around the torso/waist. The top section, which sits over the chest, is approximately 20cm in width. It has two waist straps, each measuring 30cm, which can be tied and adjusted to help the apron fit comfortably on the child. The neck strap is a total of around 38cm in length, meaning there is around 19cm from the mid point at the back of the neck to the top of the apron itself. 

As my helpful models demonstrate, the Apron can be used by children of a variety of ages. This little lady is just over 2 years of ago and quite physically petite, while this young man is already 5 years old and quite tall. On our 2 year old friend the apron is quite long but comfortable, while on her older peer it's a shorter fit and still a useful, protective article. 

The Apron features two pockets in the front which can conveniently contain utensils that a child will need to access quickly during the cooking process.

The Aprons match our cute Child's Dish Cloth set. They could be purchased together for the perfect kitchen combination! 

The Aprons are from the German brand Gluckskafer, which is renowned for both its quality and its sense of whimsy! The family-operated brand focus on traditional toys that encourage creative recreation of real life experiences, such as cooking and cleaning.

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