Natural Alphabet Puzzle


The Alphabet Puzzle delightful way to encourage a child's problem-solving skills while also reinforcing their recognition of letters! 

This beautiful, high quality puzzle offers a tactile impression of each letter as the child picks up the chunky 3-dimensional pieces, along with a visual representation of each letter symbol.

The presence of natural wood, instead of many bright colours, allows the child to maintain a focus on the symbols rather than being distracted by other sensory input. For a subtle point of interest, the wood stain alternates between dark and light on every other letter, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood while still ensuring that the child's attention is on the shape of the letters.

The Natural Alphabet Puzzle board measures 30cm x 20cm.

Each letter is the perfect size to be held precisely by little hands, with the 'a' measuring around 3 x 3cm, and the 'g' around 3cm width x 4.5cm length.

These letters are quite solid, measuring approximately 1.5cm in height. When the piece is placed in its home on the puzzle board it still sits out by about .5cm so that it can be easily picked up.

The pieces deliberately do not feature knobs or handles. Instead the child is encouraged to hold each piece on its edges to experience its shape. This helps to create a tactile impression of the shape of the letter. The child can feel the lines, curves and corners of each letter to help build a 'muscular memory' that reinforces letter recognition. 

The Alphabet Puzzle encourages children to sequence the letters in alphabetical order from a to z. The letters could also be used and arranged out of the puzzle to experiment with short words such a d-o-g. 

The Natural Wood allows the beauty of the wood grain to shine through, with no distractions from the shape of the numerals. It offers a subtle point of interest in the form of the slightly contrasting light and dark stains on alternating letters.

These QToys puzzles are made from sustainable plantation timber and are stained with non-toxic, child-safe materials.