Budding Gardener's Digging Fork


High-quality and durable digging fork for children.

This is a tool, not a toy! No more prongs bending or handles breaking as your child tries to help in the garden but is undermined by low-quality "kid's tools". This is the real deal - a miniature version of an extremely high-quality and effective gardening tool. Your child will be able to effectively and successfully participate in the gardening process!

Don't waste money replacing broken tools for your child or your classroom - invest in this truly high quality piece and let it last through many harvests!

The digging fork features a comfortable 'Y' handle, made from strong Ash wood. it is through-riveted for long life and extra strength. The fork prongs are made from stainless steel for easy movement through soil and rust resistance.

The overall height of the tool is 77cm  with the head  measuring 13.5cm.

Part of the beautiful 'Budding Gardener' range of tools...


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