Happy Hearts Board Game


Calm hearts, calm heads, designed for littlies. Happy Hearts weaves science-backed mindfulness techniques like gratitude and body awareness with yoga and breathing into a lovingly made, hand-illustrated board game. To develop a growth mindset. To ignite laughter. And to bring joy to playtime. The science of mindfulness has been widely studied for decades now. And the resounding findings? Mindfulness opens the door to a world of goodness for our next generation. From boosting working memory, to increasing cognitive flexibility and attentiveness, to boosting their overall happiness, the benefits of mindfulness practices are far-reaching and create a healthy, positive lens for children to experience the world through. With dreamy illustrations and thoughtful details, this beautifully crafted board game will have little ones taking a moment to hit pause in our busy world, and carving out their own individual pockets of calm.


  • One hand-illustrated game board.

  • One Dice

  • Four player tokens

  • ‘How to play’ information card.

  • 30 beautifully crafted Happy Cards.