Insect Magnifier


Young children seem to have an innate and infinite interest in the natural world. Toddlers and preschoolers in particular are often captivated by, and curious about, tiny creatures or objects. This Insect Magnifier makes the perfect temporary habitat for those little living specimens. It is also an ideal container for other interesting natural treasures, such as shells or flowers.

The container measures approximately 10cm x 9cm, with a handle that is an additional 9cm in length. It is lightweight and easy for little hands to carry confidently. It is small enough to be conveniently portable as you wander around the garden, but also large enough to accommodate a range of interesting natural wonders or to house some habitat (such as leaves and sticks) along with an insect. 

The lids have air holes to make life comfortable for living creatures - but as the Montessori method focuses on 'care for others' as part of the Practical Life curriculum, we would recommend that you only keep insects in the container for a short period before your child returns it to its natural habitat.