Leaf Tray (Set of 5)

The beauty of nature shines through in the sustainable acacia wood and the leaf-themed shape of these lovely trays.
The set of five Leaf Trays can be arranged and used in a variety of ways to sort, serve and showcase different materials.

Each tray measures approximately 18cm by 9.5cm. The trays are quite shallow, with a depth of around 1cm between the base and the lip, which allows the presented objects to stand out. 
I love the flexibility of the Leaf Tray set, as they can be used all together or separately in an array of different formations. Whether transferring from one to another, sorting colour, shapes or objects between them, or even using them as serving trays for food, these trays are sure to delight!

Please note: The accessories in the product images are for illustrative purposes only and do not come with the Tray set. Only the five wooden trays are included, but the Bamboo Tongs and Sorting Balls can be purchased separately. 

Please keep reading for more inspiration and ideas for compartment and sorting trays!
Wooden sorting trays are an ideal, valuable and multifunctional resource for a Montessori home or classroom.
The wood provides a beautiful, appealing aesthetic - drawing the child towards the tray (and therefore the work that it holds!). The natural grain helps connect the child to the beauty of nature. The neutral backdrop of unpainted wood also provides a subtle but attractive foundation upon which the material can take centre-stage and shine!
Sorting or compartment trays can be used to present objects meant for open-ended explorations and experiments. They can be equally useful for holding the materials needed for a specific, structured activity.
These trays are particularly useful for sorting or matching exercises. The trays can hold materials or objects which can be sorted by characteristics such as colour, shape, size, texture and so forth. 
The use of wooden trays also provides for a perfect opportunity for a natural, meaningful Practical Life work; maintaining the wood. By dusting, and waxing or polishing with a balsam, the wood can be maintained to extend its aesthetic beauty and avoid flaws. We offer a natural non-toxic wood balsam that is perfect for maintaining our acacia wood trays. 
The following images provide some ideas for activities, exercises and provocations that can be housed on different compartment trays. 
Cutting exercise (using paint samples) using a three compartment tray (with an element of recognising and ordering by 'shade'). 
Colour sorting exercise using the Five Compartment Tray.
A sensory and botany activity involving smelling herbs, and identifying their leaves, for sorting using a four compartment tray.
A sorting exercise based on the Geometric Solids.

A spooning and sorting exercise (sorting by shade - light or dark blue) using a Petal Tray.
A nuts and bolts matching exercise using the Bean Tray. 
Please note: natural wood, by its very nature, will be somewhat imperfect and inconsistent! Each wooden piece will be unique. Please therefore be aware that the photographs in this description are for illustrative purposes only and the piece you receive may vary in terms of exact coloration, grains, patterns and so forth.