Magnet Movers


Dr Montessori said, "We especially need imagination in science. It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but is somewhat beauty and poetry." What better way to ignite a child's imagination than with the magic of magnetism?!

The Magnet Movers set provides a perfect collection of magnetic tools and treasures to empower a child to explore physics through fun experiments. Your little learner can explore the motion of magnetic attraction during STEM-filled play. 

The Magnet Mover set comes with an included activity guide that outlines 10 magnetism experiments that challenge kids to discover the unexpected throughout the world around them. These activity ideas are structured to encourage scientific thinking and processes. For instance, they encourage the child to 'Make a prediction' before testing their hypothesis, and prompt the budding scientist to records their results.

The components of the set can also be combined in creative ways according to the little scientist's own curiousity, imagination and observations. This ensures that the experience remains open-ended.

The set also provides plenty of opportunities for cooperation between partners or a small group. The inclusion of multiple tools and materials can be combined for a collaborative experiment, or used harmoniously for parallel play.