Sand and Water Fine Motor Set


The Sand and Water Fine Motor set offers a convenient collection of four engaging and interesting tools to encourage fine motor coordination and gross motor control. 

Includes 4 tools perfect for sand and water play: squeezy bottle, spinner, wavy dropper, and a new scooper. Focuses on strengthening the hands, arms and core muscles. Great for water and texture tables, the bath and the beach!

The set includes four of our best loved Practical Life utensils, offering a Handy Scooper, Gator Grabber, Twisty Dropper and Squeezy Tweezer.

The utensils can be used for an endless range of enjoyable activities, such as Practical Life transferring exercises or Sensory sorting and matching games.

The use of these tools also acts as a fun method of preparation for writing. When using these utensils, children strengthen the muscles and master the movements that they will need for writing.

The squeezy bulb, used for drawing up water and splashing it back out, promotes strength in the hands and fingers. It requires some controlled force to use effectively, which gest those fine motor muscles working! 

The water spinner helps to promote bilateral coordination as it requires both hands to work in unison on the one task. One hand holds the tube steady in the right position in the water, while the other turns the handle to draw the liquid. 

The Twisty Dropper helps to encourage the tri-finger 'pincer grip' that is required for writing, as those same three fingers are used to squeeze the bulb to draw up or squirt out the water.

The scooper can be used to collect individual objects for transferring, sorting or sensory treasure hunts. When working with sand it can also be used to scoop up some sand and the child pats it down before depositing it as a hemisphere. It also offers a great way of learning how to manipulate scissors, without the risks of a blade, as it the handles and functioning of the tool are the same as a pair of scissors. 

These tools are all ideal components of sensory trays and provide a perfect provocation for a child's emerging interest in science!

Recommended for ages 3+