Water Cycle Puzzle


A delightful puzzle that introduces important concepts about science, nature, and sustainability

I also love that the puzzle itself is sustainable because it can be used for a long period by a child (or many children) at varying levels of development.

The chunky puzzle pieces make the puzzle perfect for toddlers who are working on matching by shape or colour. 

Preschoolers can look more deeply at the symbolism of the puzzle to understand the representation of a cycle that is so fundamental to our weather patterns and our world.

An adult can scaffold this learning by asking questions, such as "What happens when the sun heats up the water in the ocean?" or "When the rain falls, how does that help the trees?" 

The puzzle might be a starting point for longer periods of scientific inquiry but on its own it already provides invaluable information as well as promoting problem-solving and motor control. 


The circular puzzle has a diameter of approximately 21cm and the puzzle pieces are approximately 2cm in height. 

Suitable for ages 18 months +