Wooden Microscope


Science and nature are such valuable parts of a child's learning and life! Inquiry, curiosity, empathy and ideas are all inspired by scientific discovery that connects a child with the natural world. This delightful Wooden Microscope is a unique way of inspiring that type of investigation!

This functional, educational tool provides a hands-on experience for children to explore the miniature world. The use of natural materials to craft the Microscope itself guides the child to consider using it to explore other elements, such as leaves, insects or flowers. 

The Microscope is large enough to look at a broad range of different objects. The base can be raised or lowered to ensure that the item is in focus as the child observes through the magnifying lens on the top. 

The size of the Microscope also means it's a perfect entry level tool for our youngest explorers. A toddler can successfully place their chosen item on the platform, and peek through the glass to see the enlarged details. Older children can take it to a deeper level, examining the details with more precision and expressing or recording their observations. At any age or stage, the Wooden Microscope can help to cultivate scientific inquiry skills while inspiring interest and wonder towards the natural world.

The Wooden Microscope is real and functional, but it can also be used for imaginative play. Children can pretend to be scientists, discover new species, or engage in pretend laboratory experiments, nurturing their creativity, expressive communication and storytelling skills.

Please be aware that the Wooden Microscope is an educational tool, not a precision instrument. It is designed to offer an engaging and hands-on introduction to the idea of microscopy, but is not intended to be used for formal scientific lessons on the microscopic world. 

The Microscope measures approximately 27cm width with a depth of 17cm and 17.5cm height.

The Wooden Microscope, like all Qtoys products, are made exclusively from plantation and/or recycled timber.