Enchanted Meditations CD

Enchanted Meditations offer a series of child-friendly and relaxing guided meditations and relaxation narratives.
The tracks, by Christiane Kerr, are designed to help children calm their minds and bodies. They focus on self-regulation through imagination. Each track is also designed to promote positive emotions and a sense of confidence and well-being. 
The tracks are separated into pairs - with the first of each pair offering a 'relaxation exercise' and the second offering a guided meditation. These can be used separately or in partnership with each other - with the relaxation activity calming and centring the child ready for the deeper meditation process. 
Each relaxation exercise and meditation story follows a different theme, including:
  1. Jellyfish Relaxation (4 mins, 33 seconds)
  2. An Underwater Dolphin Ride (10 mins, 30 seconds)
  3. Rainbow Relaxation (6 mins, 56 seconds)
  4. The Magic Rainbow (7 mins, 59 seconds)
  5. Butterfly Relaxation (5 mins, 22 seconds)
  6. An Enchanted Garden (7 mins, 50 seconds)
  7. Balloon Relaxation (4 mins, 32 seconds)
  8. A Hot Air Balloon Trip (10 mins, 1 second)

These themes correspond to popular topics that many children seem to universally love to explore, such as rainbows and the underwater world.

Each story is self-contained and they last for varying lengths of time (from 4 and a half minutes through to 10 and half minutes) so that the adult (or child) can choose the track that reflects the right length of time for the child's physical or psychological needs. If the whole disc is played continuously it will last for a total running time of 57 minutes, 46 seconds.

The meditations can be presented to an individual child, to a small group or to an entire class (to enhance a shared sense of peace and serenity).  

Younger children may need adult guidance and role modelling to engage with the narratives. Older children may enjoy accessing the disc independently to initiate their own calming, soothing experiences to aid with self-regulation and handling stressful situations.