Fruit Dish




The ceramic Fruit Dish is available in two options; the Strawberry or Pineapple design. Both designs mimic the appearance and details of the true fruits - even down to the little 'seed' rivets in the strawberry dish!

The Strawberry Dish measures 18cm (from 'stalk' to base!) x 12cm wide by 4.5cm.

The Pineapple Dish measures 20cm (from 'stalk' to base!) x 11cm wide by 3.5cm.

The fruity theme of the dishes makes them absolutely perfect for use in the kitchen. They hold relatively small quantities of fruit so they are the perfect size for an individual snack - or as attractive elements of a larger picnic or meal.

The preparation process above involved our Cold Press Juicer, Flower Colander, Strawberry Fruit Dish and our Strawberry Jug. 

The preparation process above used our Hedgehog Cutting Board, Pineapple and Strawberry Fruit Dishes, Strawberry Jug, Kiddie Food Kutter knife and Mini Metal Tongs.


The Fruit Dishes would work equally well for sorting exercises. The bold, vibrant colours make them the ideal receptacle for sorting by the colours of yellow and red.


*Please note: We would just like to point out that technically these dishes are intended as 'Soap Dishes'. Our suggestion is to repurpose them for the child-friendly, kitchen purposes described above but you are obviously equally welcome to use them for their original purpose (and you may see the same item advertised / displayed elsewhere as a 'Soap Dish').