Leaf Puzzle


 This beautiful Montessori inspired Leaf Puzzle is the perfect way to inspire an interest in nature, to extend on explorations of plants, or to accompany the Montessori Botany Cabinet. 

Each wooden leaf is meticulously made to showcase not only the shape of the leaf's blade but also the lines and patterns of its veins. 

The puzzle board measures approximately 31cm x 21cm. Each piece of the puzzle is around 1cm in depth.

The thickness of pieces provides a great tactile opportunity to really explore the curves, grooves and angles of the blades of the leaves.

The chunky pieces with a large wooden knob perfect for a toddler or preschooler to manipulate.

The presence of the names of the leaf shapes helps extend this experience from a sensory puzzle to a scientific lesson, as the child can begin to learn the nomenclature for different shapes and plants.

This puzzle would be the perfect fit in a classroom or homeschool setting to enrich the Botany curriculum. It shares many similarities with the Montessori Leaf Cabinet as it helps to draw attention to the shapes and patterns of the leaves while introducing their names.

The puzzle can be easily connected to real-world extensions, such as going on a treasure hunt during a nature walk or in the garden to find leaves of the same shape.