Magnetic Match Rings

A unique activity that offers two experiences in one; an exploration of magnetism and a sequencing exercise.

The set comes with a stand and dowel, upon which the 10 coloured rings can be placed. The child places a pattern card into the slot on the stand and then attempts to recreate the patterns of colour and magnetism (attracted opposite poles sticking together, or repelling identical poles hovering apart). 
It features 40 cards demonstrating different patterns that can be made. These follow an increasing level of difficulty, with card #1 being the most simplistic and #40 being the most challenging. This graded sequence makes it easy for an adult to present the level of difficulty that is appropriate to a child's experience, or for the child himself/herself to guide their own learning. Please note, if you have the time and inclination then you might like to laminate these cards (particularly if you're using them in a classroom where they will be handled by many children over many years!)
In my own classroom the Magnetic Match Rings have been a huge hit as a spontaneous group experience. The children love gathering together to watch the apparent 'magic' of the floating rings, to collaborate or take turns when recreating the patterns! A successful replication is certainly a source of joy and delight.
The magnetic discs and dowel could be presented on their own, without the pattern cards, for a child to simply experiment organically with the idea of magnetism, attraction and repulsion by building their own designs.