Turn & Tell Clock

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A delightful wooden clock that teaches a practical skill, reinforces numeracy and keeps "analogue" alive!

At 24cm in diameter the clock is the perfect size for children who are brand new to telling time (or those who need a little remedial support to master this skill). The Clock has its own base so it stands independently. 

The contrasting blue and red colours (so perfectly matched to the Montessori Number Rods!) are enough to attract attention but not so overly decorated that it could cause sensory overload. The numbers and hands are prominent and clear, not obscured by irrelevant details (as so many "toy" clocks are). 

The Turn & Tell Clock combines analogue and digital, rather than separating the two. The hands of the clock face can be turned to represent the time in an analogue sense, but a small window then opens to reveal the digital formation of this time.

This window is also extremely Montessori friendly as it acts as a 'self-correcting mechanism'. The child can use it to check and correct their own attempts at completing the exercise cards that come with the clock.

These exercise cards provoke multiple uses of the clock. They are neatly stored behind the clock itself, making them an optional activity (children may choose to simply experiment with the clock face). On one side of each card an analogue clock is printed showing a specific time. On the reverse side is the digital version of this time. These cards can be placed one at a time in the special slot on top of the wooden clock.

The first step with the cards involves simply looking at the analogue clock side and then attempting to recreate this time with the hands of the clock. The child can then self-correct by opening the window to see the digital time and flipping the card to make sure it matches.

The next step, a more challenging extension, is for the child to place the digital time in the slot and try to identify how to arrange the clock face to create this time. Again the child can 'self-correct' simply by opening the window to ensure that the numbers displayed within match the card. 

What I love most about the clock, as with all 'Melissa & Doug' products, is the attention to detail. The minutes and hours are clearly visible on the large clock face and they have been thoughtfully colour coded to match the minute and hour hands. These hands only move in a clockwise direction, subtly reminding the child of the nature of the measurement of time rather than allowing the anarchy of "time travel" on the clock face!