Bead Board Kit

A truly unique resource that combines artistic creativity with meaningful fine motor work!
The Bead Board Kit consists of two solid wooden boards, each with 100 shallow indents waiting to house almost infinite arrangements of the 256 accompanying coloured balls that can be transferred by the small sets of tweezers. 
The Bead Board Kit helps children to focus on important skills such as colour recognition, fine motor control, as well as sorting and sequencing. It also encourages artistic endeavours such as creating patterns, shapes and pictures!
The presence of two boards and two sets of tweezers in the kit encourages collaborative play and communication as two children work side by side on their designs.
The use of natural wooden materials, rather than plastic, makes this a unique take on the 'peg boards' and other resources that are often popular for young children. This wooden Bead Board Kit is made in Australia. 
The Bead Board Kit can be introduced in varying degrees of difficulty so that it starts as an achievable entry-level activity for a very young child, before becoming increasingly complex over time. For instance, the Board could initially be presented only with the red, blue and yellow beads to reinforce recognition of primary colours and to encourage a child to start generating simple patterns. Then additional colours could be introduced over time, helping the child to master more complex sequences before finally moving into arranging the beads into shapes and then combining various shapes to make detailed pictures. 
The Kit also offers value for money because the bowls, beads and tongs can all be used separately (or in varying combinations together) as part of a range of other activities and exercises. The beads can be used for sorting or transferring exercises. They can also be used for threading activities as they do each have a hole through the middle so they can be connected on thin string or wire. 
Each bead measures approximately 2cm in diameter. 
The beads come in 12 different colours or shades. Some of these are relatively similar - such as the dark purple and the plum colours - which encourages children to pay close attention to tone and shade to consider their patterns and pictures. The beads come contained in a drawstring bag for easy storage and transport.  
The square wooden board measures approximately 32cm x 32cm. 
Each of the 12 small wooden bowls measures approximately 9cm in diameter and 4.5cm in height.
The small tongs (colours vary) measure approximately 12cm with a 'span' of only 4cm between the tips when it is open. This small span is what makes the tool so ideal for little hands. Their petite size fits perfectly into the hands of a preschooler or even into the grasp of an older child who would benefit from some remedial support.
Due to the small size of the beads the Bead Board Kit is recommended for use by ages 3 + and we encourage parents and educators to be vigilant with supervision.
Please note that due to the dimensions and weight of this product it attracts our Heavy/Bulky Goods shipping fee. 
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