Circle Fraction Puzzle

Bright Baby


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This Circle Puzzle is a great example of the phrase 'tiny but mighty' - it's physically petite at only 12cm by 12cm, but it contains a great deal of cognitive potential as it encourages children to engage in problem-solving and introduces the mathematical concept of fractions. 

This material provides children with a hands-on, tactile experience with fractions. The circles on the board are each broken up into a different fraction; one whole, two halves, three thirds, four quarters, five fifths and six sixths! 

It also offers a sensory exploration of colours. This is an aesthetically appealing point of interest but it also acts as a self-correcting mechanism as each fraction is a different colour and these coloured pieces fit together to create the whole circle. This acts as a self-correcting mechanism so that a child can problem-solve and complete the puzzle without the assistance of an adult.

A great follow-up or extension activity for this puzzle would be to combine it with the circle 'Inset for Design'. A child could trace the circle shape onto paper and then cut it out and experiment with folding and cutting it to recreate the fractions. For instance, folding it once and cutting along that line would create two halves, whereas folding it twice and cutting all of those lines would result in four quarters!

The Circle Puzzle is from the internationally renowned brand 'Goki'. Goki toys are well-known for their quality and attention to detail and for using sustainable wood in their production.