Coloured Cylinder Puzzle



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A compact and colourful little puzzle that shares some characteristics with the Montessori 'Cylinder Blocks' (one of the quintessential Sensorial materials). Like the Montessori Cylinder Blocks this puzzle encourages children to engage their sense of visual perception while developing their fine motor skills by handling the delicate cylindrical pieces.
The Coloured Cylinder Puzzle also shares another important feature with the Montessori Cylinder Blocks - the presence of small knobs on top of each cylinder that can be used to pick up and place each piece. This small handle acts as a natural provocation for children to use a 'pincer grip' - the same formation of fingers that will later be used for writing.
As each piece is removed it reveals a coloured cavity. This allows a child to use colour recognition to put the puzzle back together, matching each piece to its home. Adults can help a young child to build their descriptive vocabulary by naming these colours. 
The pieces are also differentiated by height, with each cylinder growing slightly from the shortest pink piece to the tallest purple. This provides another element of interest as children use their sense of visual perception to identify the correspondence between the taller pieces and deeper compartments. It also acts as an opportunity for an adult to introduce the descriptive language associated with height, such as 'shorter/taller', 'shortest/tallest' and so on. 
The base of the puzzle measures approximately 28cm in length by 8cm width, with a height/depth of around 3cm.
This puzzle is recommended for ages 3+